Students and Teachers who are  in Year 4,5 and 6 are part of Team Whakapono. Remember to visit our Team Whakapono Class Dojo Page for photos, videos and information about what they are learning right now.

Prepare to be inspired and informed. Stay excited, engaged and connected with what your child is learning. We are indeed proud of what your child is learning and would love for you to post positive comments on your child's learning...

Your child's teacher will share your child's Class / Hub Dojo Page with you. This is the platform that the Senior school

(Year 4, 5 & 6) will use to share / communicate your child's learning with you this year.

We encourage you to look carefully at your child's classroom learning and really encourage you to post positive comments about their learning.

WHAKAPONO HUB CLASS/HUB DOJO PAGE LINKS (Click on the Whānau Room to see what learning is happening in that room)

Whakapono Hub 1 (Year 4): Whānau 15 and Whānau 16

Whakapono Hub 2 (Year 4): Whānau 21 and Whānau 22

Whakapono Hub 3 (Year 5/6): Whānau 23 and Whānau 24

Whakapono Hub 4 (Year 5/6): Whānau 25, Whānau 26 and Whānau 27

Whakapono Hub 5 (Year 5/6): Whānau 28, Whānau 29 and Whānau 30