Free Math Websites and Apps

Here are a few more links to FREE maths websites and apps you can use with your  children. Please ask your child's teacher if you'd like more ideas for helping your child with maths learning at home.

Ask your child's teacher for your child's login details

Ask your child's teacher for your child's login details

New Zealand Maths

These resources can be accessed by using any of these devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Apps

More Useful Math Sites

Supporting my child's learning - variety of pamphlets for different year groups​

Maths dictionary - visual representation of many mathematic concepts.  Excellent for developing understanding of vocabulary.

Virual manipulatives and more - ideas for those more visual learners

Sumdog - lots of exciting games to choose from.  Most are FREE!​

More maths games - lots to choose from.  Some will require Flash player.

Khan Academy - fabulous for self directed learning in the Senior School.

Kiwi Families - lots of links to other sites.

Math Playground - as well as the exciting games, be sure to check out the Maths Manipulatives and the Thinking Blocks. These provide great opportunities for you to talk with your child about maths.I

Interactive sites for Maths - lots of different games to explore.

Links to Useful Documents

Card games - ideas on how to use a deck of cards to support learning.

Games with cards and dice - scroll down for more ideas on using cards and dice.

More dice and card games - some of these may be repeated above!

Maths Week

Maths Millionaire

Daily Dollar

Survivor Series

The Maths Chaser

Artificial Intelligence

Rugby World Cup

Money Money Money

Click on the link below to have fun and enjoy learning.

ICT Games

ICT Games are aimed at children between 5 and 8 years old. 

You will learn about:

Number and Place Value

Number - Addition and Subtraction

Number - Multiplication and division

Number - Frcations

Geometry - Properties and shapes

Here are some help videos below to get you started.

Click on the below to access ICT Games

Cool Math Games

As the name suggests, this isn’t a boring math site. Excite your little mathletes (or struggling academics) with this hands-on site that’s brimming with strategy, logic and skill games.

Click on the icon below to access Cool Math Games